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Everything you need to get started on LaunchMyNFT
Which blockchains are supported?

Currently we support Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Binance with plans to add many more!

To launch a collection it is free! We only take 2.5% on the initial mint. There are also native fees(*) to interact with the blockchains(*).

- Launching a collection: ~0.013 SOL
- Minting a NFT: Mint price + ~0.017 SOL

- Launching a collection: Varies based on selected features and gas prices
- Minting a NFT: Mint price + gas fees

Yes, whitelist functionality is availble and can be edited on the mint page by creators once the collection is launched. You are able to add/remove addresses and then remove the whitelist once it's no longer needed.

Currently we support up to 10,000 randomly generated NFTs! (Must have enough assets to be able to genrate enough combinations).

Yes! All NFT collections comply with metadata standards and are compatible with all popular marketplaces.

Apply to list your collection on popular marketplaces such as SolSea using your CandyMachineID (provided automatically)!

Collections appear instantly on OpenSea once people start minting NFTs from your collection!

You can download an example input folder to play around with in the generator here. Extract the file and drop the entire folder into the generator input box to get started!

The funds from minting a Solana collection are instantly transfered to the creator of the collections wallet (-2.5% fee).

The funds from minting a Ethereum/Polygon collection are held in the collection contract which can be withdrawn by the creator of the collection (-2.5% fee). You can either withdraw from the edit collection dialog or directly from Etherscan/Polygonscan.